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Welcome to SPO.AZ.GOV, the online home of the State Procurement Office (SPO).  A division of the Arizona Department of Administration (www.azdoa.gov), SPO serves as the central procurement authority for the State of Arizona and is responsible for a variety of procurement services including regulatory services, policy-making, management, direct contracting and purchasing services, ancillary and support services as well as related technical assistance.



Vendor Clean-Up Efforts in ProcureAZ and AFIS for Address Line 3 and Address Line 4

The new AFIS system will only accept two address lines for vendor records.   In preparation for the vendor conversion to the new AFIS system, the GAO in coordination with SPO, will begin clean-up efforts in both ProcureAZ and AFIS related to Address Line 3 and Address Line 4.

To see the entire article go to the GAO Website.       


Significant Procurement Role Training is available now through HRIS

The CBT is available for viewing under ADOA Courses- Course # SPO000002V.


Certification Program Courses Available via HRIS
Part 1 of the state’s Procurement Certification Program is now available via the state’s HRIS system.  Included in this release are the following courses:
ADSPOCP101: Certification Program Overview:  (CBT) This course provides participants with an overview of the State Procurement Office’s certification program.  The methodology as well as a program map is detailed.
ADSPOCP102: Significant Procurement Role:  (CBT) This course explains how the state implements the policy and rules surrounding the Significant Procurement Role concept.  This course has been updated to include changes made by House Bill 2321
ADSPOCP103: Defining the Procurement Parameters: (CBT) This course provides participants useful information when it comes to procurement intake and estimating cost and contract term.
ADSPOCP104: Define Phase: (Live Session) This is a live session and will provide participants a chance to run through real life scenarios as they practice the skills they have learned from the earlier CBTs
Courses are designed to be taken in order, with each being a pre-requisite to the next.  Participants will need to have completed all 3 CBT’s before registering for the live course. 


State Procurement Office

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