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Set Aside Contracts

CNAIDs: Certified Non-Profit Agencies that Serve Individuals with Disabilities

A.R.S. § 41-2636(D) allows any state governmental unit or public procurement unit to directly contract with any CNAID for any good or service the CNAID provides without needing to conduct a competitive effort. Please also note that Arizona Correctional Industries, while not technically a CNAID, enjoys the same exemption from competition and is included in the following list.

Visit Set Aside Products and Services to see a full list of the Products and Services these Contracts Provide.

The following is a comprehensive list of all current committee-certified nonprofits by Contract.

Reference Label Supplier Name Supplier Email Co-Op Statewide
ADCS18-193282 Janitorial Services - 0gales (CHA645) BEACON GROUP INC [email protected]
CTR059878 Engraved Products -SA STATE OF ARIZONA
CTR057836 Furniture, Products and Services - Set Aside STATE OF ARIZONA
CTR059881 Signage: Decals, Plaques and Work Identificatio Products - SA STATE OF ARIZONA
CTR049881 Invoice Processing Services ARIZONA INDUSTRIES FOR THE BLIND
CTR054373 Janitorial Service - Arizona Lottery Tucson BEACON GROUP INC [email protected]
CTR054304 Janitorial Services - Benson (CHA620) BEACON GROUP INC [email protected]
CTR052705 Janitorial Services - Pinnacle Peak (CHA107 ) BEACON GROUP INC
CTR049622 Custodial Services DPS Yuma District Office THE CENTERS FOR HABILITATION [email protected]
CTR047189 Custodial Services for Yuma FOR4 Set-Aside thru 12/2/2022 THE CENTERS FOR HABILITATION [email protected]
CTR040711 Janitorial Services - Madera (CHA246/CHA247) BEACON GROUP INC
CTR049410 Janitorial Services for Various Douglas Facilities Amendment #2 Douglas Association for Retarded Children [email protected]
CTR047956 Set Aside Contract for Massif Flight Uniforms Amendment #2 ARIZONA INDUSTRIES FOR THE BLIND [email protected]
AHCCCS19-211861 YH19-0012 Beacon Janitorial Services - AHCCCS Central Office Amendment #3 BEACON GROUP INC [email protected]
ADSPO18-185216 Janitorial Service - Arizona Lottery VALLEYLIFE [email protected]
ADCS19-210782 Janitorial Services - Avondale (CHA115) BEACON GROUP INC
ADCS18-201210 Janitorial Services - Clearview/AJ (CHA140) BEACON GROUP INC [email protected]
ADCS19-209612 Janitorial Services - Eastside Loop (CHA215) BEACON GROUP INC [email protected]
ADCS18-204918 Janitorial Services - Oracle Rd (CHA220) BEACON GROUP INC [email protected]
ADCS18-191450 Janitorial Services - Sierra Vista (CHA637) BEACON GROUP INC
ADCS18-192605 Janitorial Services - Sky Harbor (CHA053) BEACON GROUP INC [email protected]
CTR044241 Bedding Products - Set-Aside Amendment #1 STATE OF ARIZONA [email protected]
CTR040794 Centers for Habilitation: AZ Parent Kit Packing, Storage, and Distribution - Set-Aside Amendment #3 THE CENTERS FOR HABILITATION [email protected]
CTR049459 Linens Amendment #1 STATE OF ARIZONA [email protected]
CTR047046 Office Supplies Including Printer Supplies Amendment #1 QUALITY CONNECTIONS INC [email protected]COFFICE.ORG
CTR044240 Outdoor Furniture & Accessories - Set-Aside Amendment #1 STATE OF ARIZONA [email protected]
CTR052414 Printing Services STATE OF ARIZONA [email protected]
CTR047044 Record Shredding and Destruction Services THE CENTERS FOR HABILITATION [email protected]
CTR047045 Record Shredding and Destruction Services Amendment #1 BEACON GROUP INC [email protected]