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The Compliance Unit of the State Procurement Office (SPO) monitors the Compliance Hotline.

The Compliance Hotline serves as a tool for confidential or anonymous reporting of procurement compliance questions and issues. This hotline does not replace the Arizona Procurement Code, especially with regards to protests, contract claims, and debarments.

The following information is a guide on how to proceed if you believe a procurement officer, state agency, board, or commission has acted in a way that is inconsistent with State of Arizona procurement law. 


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Step 1: Try to Resolve at the Agency Level 

Follow these best practice recommendations:

  • Preparation. Gather data and material to explain the situation using documents and facts. Outline or summarize main points and create a timeline.
  • Patience. Research and information gathering takes time.
  • Persistence. Allow employees a reasonable amount of time to review the information presented, and check back periodically.
  • Escalation. Discuss the issue with a supervisor, as needed.
  • Resolution. Read the agency response and be mindful of directions and deadlines.


A discussion might be the quickest way to solve a problem, but if that doesn’t yield results, an email or other written communication should be considered. This allows for a more thoughtful, reasoned approach and gives you the benefit of evidence that you can refer to later, if needed. Cite exhibits (like previous emails or sections of the Procurement Code) when possible. Save a copy of correspondence and all relevant records!


Make sure you have the best possible information: 

Understand your delegated authority and what is allowed under the Arizona Procurement Code.

Check with your agency’s subject matter expert, as needed, for clarification or support.

Know your agency’s mission and core values; make sure your actions are in accord with your agency’s goals and reflect positively on your agency with the public.

Consult a procurement specialist or your agency’s chief procurement officer with any concerns you have regarding procurement compliance. 

If you are unsure about whether you should take an action, seek help from management, legal, or compliance. 

DO make certain you’re on the right path. 

DON’T ignore what you believe to be illegal or unethical conduct. 



Step 2: SPO Compliance Jurisdiction 

When SPO Compliance can help:

  • Procurement actions of most state agencies, departments, boards, and commissions; 
  • Questions regarding Arizona procurement law, policy, and ethics; and
  • Issues related to Arizona state contracts and vendors.


Please seek legal advice (in-house counsel or your Assistant Attorney General (AAG)) regarding:

  • Federal Agencies;
  • Cities, counties, and school districts;
  • Colleges and universities; and
  • The judicial and legislative branches of Arizona state government.



STEP 3: SPO Compliance Hotline

Compliance Hotline Form

State Employees: 

  • Employees are encouraged to address any procurement compliance concerns with their agency’s procurement personnel and/or agency management team.
  • Should employees choose to confidentially or anonymously report any compliance violations, concerns, or questions, they may do so by completing the above Compliance Hotline Form. 


Outside Firms (including State Suppliers): 

  • Suppliers are encouraged to address any procurement compliance concerns with the procurement personnel or agency management team. 
  • Should suppliers choose to confidentially or anonymously report any compliance violations, concerns, or questions, they may do so by completing the above Compliance Hotline Form.


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