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Frequently Asked Questions

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Suppliers are required to submit quarterly usage reports to the State listing total amount of spend from individual Cooperative Members and State Agencies. Usage reporting is done online via the Arizona Procurement Portal, which includes a payment portal for any applicable admin fees.

Unless defined differently within a contract, an Administrative fee of one percent (1.0%) of sales receipts from Cooperative Member Transactions is due from suppliers quarterly. The Admin Fee is only applicable to amounts actually received by the contractor during the quarter and is not applicable to amounts ordered by customers but not yet paid for. The admin fee is not paid on transactions with State Agency Customers.  

Most contracts reference cooperative designation in the Special Terms and Conditions of the Contract.

Formal contracts, as well as general categories of goods and services provided, can be found under "Set-Aside Contracts". State agencies are encouraged to contact any listed Set-Aside organization to discuss details and further capabilities.

Meeting agenda, supporting documents, and minutes can be found under "Meeting Agendas and Minutes" by meeting date

No, State agencies may purchase any goods or services from Certified Nonprofit Agencies or Arizona Correctional Industries

There are no fees to apply

Membership in the State Purchasing Cooperative is available to all Arizona political subdivisions including cities, counties, school districts, and special districts.  Membership is also available to all non-profit organizations, as well as State governments, the US Federal Government and Tribal Nations.  Non-profit organizations are defined in A.R.S. § 41-2631(4) as any nonprofit corporation as designated by the internal revenue service under section 501(c)(3) through 501(c)(6).

To learn more about the purchasing process and how to use State contracts upon becoming an active Cooperative Member, follow this link Cooperative Members Buying Guide.

The state of Arizona utilizes the Arizona Procurement Portal (APP) as the E- Procurement system for suppliers and state agencies to conduct procurement business.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Arizona Cooperative Program allows political subdivisions and non-profit organizations to utilize state contracts to find the goods and services they need.

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