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Set Aside Resources

The following resources are available for agencies seeking to establish their own Set-Aside contracts or initiate new Statewide Contracts via the Set-Aside program. Resources also include forms for prospective Set-Aside contractors to propose Set-Aside contracts for consideration by the committee.

If your nonprofit agency is interested in becoming a certified nonprofit agency that participates in the Arizona State Set-Aside program, the first in the process is to leverage the Application form below. All applications will be reviewed and approved by the State Set-Aside Committee which meets quarterly.

CNAID Certification: Once approved by the Set-Aside Committee as a Certified Nonprofit Agency, the nonprofit agency may establish a contract with the State of Arizona for the sale of a good or service to state governmental units. The process steps and estimated timeframe for establishing a contract with the state are outlined in the following document:

Please send any comments, questions, or concerns to [email protected].

The state of Arizona utilizes the Arizona Procurement Portal (APP) as the E- Procurement system for suppliers and state agencies to conduct procurement business.

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The Arizona Cooperative Program allows political subdivisions and non-profit organizations to utilize state contracts to find the goods and services they need.

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Our suppliers have many resources to interact with the State Procurement Office. Find support for APP, register as a supplier, learn about state business and more.

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