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All Health and Medical Contracts

*This is a high level list of contracts by label that is updated monthly. To find all contracts please visit APP, Click on "State Contracts", and specify your search.

Label Statewide Set Aside Co-Op
Assisted Living Caregiver and Manager Testing Services Amendment #1
Breast Pumps and Supplies
Child Safety Seats
Direct Services Claiming (Medicaid Billing)
Health & Wellness Classes
Health Care Appeal Independent Review Organization Services - IDA
Health Professionals Monitoring Services
Health Savings Account Administration Services
Medical Examination Services
Medical Examination Services
Medical Mobile X Ray Services
MMCAP Condoms
MMCAP Dental Supplies
MMCAP Dental Supplies
MMCAP Medical Supplies
MMCAP Pharmaceutical Wholesaler
Optometrist for Clinical Low Vision Examination
Transparent Face Masks
Valuepoint PA Formula Rebates for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
Wellness Screenings and Vaccinations